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Debt Recovery
Debt Recovery

Good cash-flow is vital for businesses to thrive and fast and efficient debt recovery is crucial to businesses who experience increasing problems as a result of late payment of bills and high debtor volumes.

Debt Chase is the Savage Crangle debt recovery system which enables us to offer a comprehensive and personal service for the swift collection of debts.

Quick, effective and straightforward debt collection

Is your cash-flow being affected by bad payers? Are you too busy to chase small debts?

For only £15 plus VAT we can send a demand letter on your behalf to your debtors threatening Court action within 7 days if the debt remains unpaid.

Our experience shows that this letter alone often produces results.

Any payments or queries are directed to you and if the debt is paid on receipt of the demand letter then you do not pay another penny.

All instructions received by 4pm ensure a letter is sent out by first-class post the same day.

Should the debt remain outstanding after the first demand letter, then a member of our Debt Chase team will discuss the various options with you. Should you decide to instruct us to pursue the debt through the Courts, we will supply you with a fully itemised breakdown of the likely costs. The amount of Court fees and Court costs which you can recover from the debtor vary and depend on the size of the debt. We can talk you through the various options.

Each case is treated individually and action will only be taken after close consultation with you. Value for money is the important aspect of our service and our aim is to recover your debts speedily and in a cost-effective manner.

Email us at for further information or, alternatively, call us on 01756 794611 for a no obligation chat.

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