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Employment and HR Consultancy
Employment and HR Consultancy
Even the best employers and employees will face some form of employment related issue someday. Running a business or organisation from day to day is hard enough but complying with the myriad of employment legislation and regulations can often lead to stresses which make balancing the books seem easy.

Are your policies and practices compliant with the law in making the most effective contribution to your bottom line? If not, we can help.

HR Consultancy is a specialist service offered by SC aimed at informing employers, large and small, of changes in the law before they take effect to enable remedial action to be taken. These include providing solutions to avoid employment claims arising and defending employment tribunal claims where necessary.

The central theme of our HR Consultancy process is to keep clients up-to-date with employment law changes through bespoke advice, general employment law, bulletins and seminars. We also draft contracts and advise on policy, procedure and legislation.

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