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French property and Tax
More and more people are either purchasing second homes in France or, alternatively, purchasing property with a view to retiring there. The conveyancing process in France is, however, different to that in the UK and there are many pitfalls for the unwary.

French estate agents (Agents Immobiliers) may not always look after your interests in view of the fact that they earn a living through commission on sales. Similarly, unlike a solicitor, the French property lawyer (Notaire) will not look after your sole interests and simply acts as an intermediary for both the buyer and the seller of a French property in order to ensure that the documents transferring ownership of the property are in order and to collect taxes on behalf of the French Government. He is not there to advise you with details of the transaction in order to safeguard your interests and indeed will often not even receive instructions until you have legally committed yourself to a purchase. His role, therefore, is completely different to that of an English solicitor and he will certainly not have any regard to considerations of English Law.

It follows, therefore, that you should proceed with caution on a French property purchase and seek property advice at the earliest stages from a solicitor with the knowledge and experience to liaise with the Notaire and Agent and who can advise on both the French and English aspects of the transaction and any areas where French Law and English Law conflict.

At Savage Crangle, our French Property Team can hold your hand throughout the whole transaction, pointing out the pitfalls along the way, ensuring that the whole transaction is properly structured for your requirements. We are able to bring to your attention additional considerations often overlooked when purchasing a property overseas such a French Inheritance Law, Well Tax, French Capital Gains Tax and advice with regards to Wills and Succession Law generally.

Areas of Expertise:

- Buying and selling French property
- Capital Gains Tax
- French Inheritance Tax
- Buying a newly built French property
- French Leaseback

Typically, the advice that the French Property Team can offer will be on contracts, conveyancing procedure, inheritance, planning, rights of inheritance and related French tax and the formation and administration of legal structures to buy and hold French properties, including French corporate vehicles. We can advise on sales, mortgaging, loans and the administration of estates.

Our clients come from a variety of sources including word-of-mouth referrals from French Notaires, Estate Agents, Solicitors, Banks and existing and former clients.

SC leaflets (the following documents are available to view/download in PDF format)

French Residential Conveyancing
French Wills
An introduction to French Leaseback

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