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Trusts Wills and Estates
Our trusts, wills and estates team offer advice on every aspect of tax planning, wills, estates, trusts and care for the elderly.

Our reputation rests of our expertise and on the value we place on meeting the individual needs of, and building lasting personal relationships with, our clients.

Recognising the highly personal nature of our work, our lawyers take a sympathetic approach, giving advice which is not only clear and practical but that also delivers sustainable solutions.


Our particular expertise lies in the creation and administration of UK Wills and international Wills.

We will guide you through the process of making a Will with skill and sensitivity ensuring that you understand the practical and financial implications of putting your wishes into effect.

UK Wills

Making a Will is essential if you want to be certain that, in the event of your death, your personal wishes regarding your estate will be put into effect. Our lawyers can work with you to draw up a new Will or to review your existing Will.

International Wills

Preparing a Will is often more complicated if assets are owned overseas. We have particular expertise in the French and Spanish market advising on the preparation of wills for separate jurisdiction and affidavits of foreign law, death duties, conflicts of law and domicile and succession issues.

We can also assist with problems caused when jurisdictions impose restrictions on owners of property abroad, limiting their freedom to leave their estates as they choose.

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